How does the idea of buying clothing  that allows you to express what is on your mind appeal to you

Have you ever felt frustrated or restricted because you cannot express to your partner or lover exactly how you feel in terms of your own deepest sexual fantasies.  Maybe you feel you would like to  be silently ravished or taken.  Perhaps you wish to be swooned upon or simply seduced.  On other occasions you would perhaps like to be seen as a  domineering sexual predator. Maybe today you feel like an innocent waif or a lusty tease.

Conservative external conditions in a work, corporate or social setting dictate that you behave one way whilst deep down within you have a burning yet secret desire to express you own deeper carnal self.  If so then Erotic Pantys can assist you in getting what you want when and how you want it.

Do you want more?

Just imagine that you are casually going about your daily business. You could be commuting to work, at the office or simply walking along the street.  Hidden waiting to be discovered is a message your true carnal self is waiting to be expressed or fulfilled.  Unseen by the outside world this  primal and unquenchable message awaits  to be lustfully interpreted on your terms.  This secret yet visible message  stays with you unless you choose to reveal it yourself.

If you would  love to express your hidden sexual fantasies and at the same time communicate these to your lover for your mutual pleasure then Erotic Pantys are the easy and enjoyable and highly seductive solution.  Our product range deliver the message to that someone special in a way  that avoids misinterpretation and misunderstandings.

There is simply no end to where you can take your sexual fantasies to with Erotic Pantys on your side.


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A Fantastic Solution

Let Erotic Pantys become an integral part of the manifestation of your favourite as well as your unexplored sexual and romantic fantasies.

Clubbers and Office workers,use our underwear to either enhance your sex life with your current partner or  to ensnare your latest sexual conquest or just for fun. 

Together we can turn your dreams fantasies and fetishes into your safe and playful realities

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I'm getting hot just thinking about them


Celia Cruz xxx

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